Hunting in Kyrgyzstan

Hunting area

Kyrgyzstan is one of the most picturesque places in Central Asia, more than two-thirds of its territory ocupied mountains, which manifests itself in a variety of climate, natural landscapes, flora and fauna.  Majestically harsh peaks of the Pamirs and the Tien Shan mountains, covered with snow, scattering flowers on green meadows, wild rivers and waterfalls, through over the centuries their way among the rocks, blue water lakes and picturesque valleys – is the multifaceted nature of Kyrgyzstan.

Visiting Kyrgyzstan, follow the routes of the Great silk Road, watch the world of wild nature and unexplored routes.

Trophy animals

Marko Polo (Ovis ammon)

The average size of the horns of Marco Polo sheep is 51''-55''.

The hunting Season for Marco Polo: August 15 - November 30. 

The best hunting time: September 01 - November 30.

Siberian ibex (Capra sibirica)

Central Asian mountain goat.  Average horn size is 43'' - 47'',

The hunting Season: August 15 – November 30. 

The best time for hunting: October 25 - November 30.

Wolf (Canis lupus)

The hunting season: August 15 - February 28.

The best time for hunting: November 1 - February 28.

Hunting season:  15 August to 1 December. Tour duration: 7 to 10 days. Number of hunters: from 1 to 5.

Place to hunt:

We offer our clients a hunting area of ​​85,000 hectares in the Naryn region, in the Tien Shan mountains, at the altitude of 3000 to 4500 thousand meters above the sea level.
The higher elevations are characterized by the rarity of the air and temperature from 20 to -30 degrees Celsius depending on the season.

Method of hunting:

Hunting in Kyrgyzstan is always performed using horses, with the approach or method driven at the hunter, accompanied by a professional hunter-Rangers.

Trophy animal live in hard to reach areas at an altitude of 3500 – 4000 meter, so the saddle has to spend a few hours a day. Shot on a trophy animal is made from a distance of 300 to 500 meters. Recommend hunters to use a rifle with ammunition 338LM, 300Win Mag, 300WSM, 300RUM, 7 Rem Mag.

We can say that in Kyrgyzstan, you have a classic mountain hunting.

About region

The Climate Of Kyrgyzstan:
The climate on the territory of the Republic is continental, with hot summers and cold winters. The air temperature can change dramatically within a single day, especially high in the mountains.       


North-East of Central Asia.


Republic square:  
198,5 sq. km, 94% of the country is mountainous.


41° 00" North latitude, 75° 00" Eastern longitude.


The average height: 
2750 meters  above the sea level.


The Capital Of Kyrgyzstan:


Greenwich Mean Time (GMT):
+ 5 hours.


Currency: Som. Som is the only legal tender on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic, however US dollars and Euros are also accepted for payment.  In the markets you can pay in Russian rubles and the currencies of neighbouring Central Asian republics.


Visa requirements: Citizens of Russia and CIS countries in accordance with intergovernmental agreements on mutual visa-free trips of citizens, a visa is not required. For Russian citizens entering the territory of Kyrgyzstan is possible in the presence of the international passport or the internal passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation.  Citizens of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Ukraine (90 days) to enter Kyrgyzstan a visa is not required. If necessary, the visa can be obtained at the Consulate or the Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic.


Customs regulations: Restrictions on the import and export national and foreign currency (all imported funds, and the jewels are obligatory to declare). The Declaration must be kept until departure from the country. Customs inspection can be long and detailed.

Accommodation on hunting

Hunting camp

Hunting base has all necessary conditions for comfortable living and provided with electricity. On the basis of a working staff, including the cook, the groom, etc.

Hunting camp

Hunting base has all necessary conditions for comfortable living and provided with electricity. On the basis of a working staff, including the cook, the groom, etc.

Hunting camp

Hunting base has all necessary conditions for comfortable living and provided with electricity. On the basis of a working staff, including the cook, the groom, etc.

3  hunting camps: Ibex, Karelini, Humei
All hunting bases have necessary conditions for comfortable living and are provided with electricity. At each base there is work staff including a cook, a groom.

Accommodation on the hunting bases our hunting partners.


Hunters must have shoes and warm clothes appropriate to weather conditions and comfortable for riding. It is advisable to carry sunglasses and sunscreen, as well as a minimum stock of medicines, including for acclimatization. 


Relevant documents:

Arriving hunters are provided with all the necessary documents:

visa support (if required)

permission to import-export of hunting equipment

permit for the export of trophies, including CITES and the veterinary certificate (primary processing)

permission to enter the border zone.

The cost of hunting

Marco Polo - 24 000 USD
Siberian Ibex - 6 500USD
Marco Polo + Siberian Ibex - 27 000USD
Wolf - 1800 USD

The application must be submitted at least  2 months before the hunt.

Advance payment of 50% of the cost of the hunt is paid.

In case of refusal of hunting, the amount paid hunting is not refundable.

When wound a trophy and refusal to find a wounded animal, the cost of hunting is counted in full.


  • Meeting and seeing off at the airport in Bishkek.
  • Transfer: Airport – Hunting ground (camp) – Bishkek Airport by a comfortable SUV Land Cruiser.
  • Hire of horses for hunting.
  • Fuel. 
  • Coaching and support of professional Rangers
  • Accommodation at the hunting Lodge or, if necessary, tent camps.
  • 3 meals a day in camp or dry rations for hunting.
  • Service staff. 
  • A license and permission to hunt. 
  • Pass in the border zone.
  • Primary treatment and packing of trophies.


  • Flight to Bishkek and back
  • Meet and greet at the VIP hall of the airport in Bishkek – 200 USD
  • Permission to import/export of arms - 100 USD
  • Hotel in Bishkek, before and after the hunt
  • Veterinary certificate – 100 USD 
  • CITES - 200 USD 
  • shipment of trophy – 300 USD 
  • additional day of hunting - 350 USD